Technology Tracks

Our technical education program is organised by technology tracks and learning paths to help you easily find the sessions that are most relevant to you.

To find the sessions that are most important to you we organise our technical education program into technology tracks and learning paths. You can pick and choose from sessions in multiple tracks or use the recommended learning paths to focus on the specific areas that matter most to you.


Select your technology track of interest – below – to get learning paths, key speakers and sessions, activities and more, specific to the technology.


This track includes breakouts covering topics relevant to written and lab exams from CCNA to CCIE/CCDE and Architect.

Cisco on Cisco

Find out how Cisco addresses many of the same IT challenges you face every day. Benefit from practical experience and lessons learned deploying Cisco.


Discover how to enhance your existing business processes and how it can all be achieved in the cloud. Learn how easy it is to buy, implement and use.

Data Centre

Discover how Cisco Data Centre is constantly learning with analytics, adapting with automation, and protecting with policy-driven security across data centres and clouds.

Enterprise Networks

Learn how to plan, design, deploy, and manage your networks — be it for branch, campus, WAN, or data centre — for the digital era.

Internet of Things

Learn about Cisco's IoT portfolio — connectivity, security, management, and application enablement — to deploy IoT solutions across multiple industries.


Cisco Meraki is the leader in cloud controlled WiFi, routing, and security. Secure and scalable, Cisco Meraki enterprise networks simply work.


Learn how Cisco's security approach provides threat-centric protection that spans the entire attack continuum – before, during, and after an attack.

Service Provider

The Service Provider track will include sessions to help you increase competitiveness and simplify the way your customers purchase and deploy services.


Levels of technical difficulty are used to set expectations for attendees. It indicates the anticipated level of experience the attendee should have with the technology before participating in the session, so that they can best understand and appreciate the content. Levels of technical difficulty are indicated by Session ID and Abstract. The first number in a sequence for the session ID indicates the level of difficulty.


Level 1: Introductory or (BRKxxx-1000) Sessions are intended for the most basic, beginner-level audience. No prerequisites are assumed, and no prior knowledge of the subject matter is expected of the audience for a full understanding of the session content. 1000 Series (ex: BRKVVT-1005) is an introductory session.


Level 2: Intermediate or (BRKxxx-2000) Sessions are intended for a technical audience who have some knowledge of the subject matter but who need additional information on the technology, architecture, protocol, design, deployment or troubleshooting details. 2000 Series (ex: BRKAGG-2102) is an intermediate level session.


Level 3: Advanced or (BRKxxx-3000) These sessions are intended for a very technical audience. The session content is focused on fine detail, therefore a thorough understanding of the intermediate level technical detail on a particular subject is assumed and expected for the audience to gain any benefit from an advanced level session. 3000 Series (ex: BRKRST-3015) is an advanced session.


Like Minded Technologists

“You enter as Strangers and Leave as other event brings like-minded technologists together on such a large scale and makes it fun for everyone.”

Best Thing I Get To Do Professionally

“Best thing I get to do professionally every year. The information and networking is better here than any other conference I could attend.”


“All of the sessions I attended were informative and allowed me to take knowledge from the session and implement changes to my organisation.”

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