Country Impact Plan Case Studies


Australia is in the midst of a major economic, social and political transition driven by global competition, rapidly expanding digital platforms and technological innovation.


Australian leaders have recognised the importance of this technology-led transition to our country’s future. Reserve Bank Governor of Australia, Philip Lowe, has said that technological change could transform the economy and form the basis for a new wave of global investment and higher living standards.


Cisco is at the heart of this transition as we work with our customers and partners to help them to securely grow, reduce costs and deliver better, faster and personalised customer experiences to highly connected and mobile consumers and citizens.


But with rapid transition comes disruption to traditional business and organisational models. Industries and jobs will disappear and new industries and jobs will be created as people embrace a new wave of products and services. Businesses have an important role to play if they are to be sustainable and competitive in a digitised economy.


Successful businesses are redefining their purpose to not only deliver profits to shareholders but to engage in sustainability, environmental and social agendas and to take responsibility for the transition in the workforce in partnership with governments, the education sector and the community.


Cisco has developed a Country Impact Plan to guide our investments to support Australia’s digital transition and our participation in the public policy challenges we face in boosting our innovation and commercialisation capabilities, our skills, and the health of our communities.


There are three pillars which frame how Cisco partners to invest in initiatives that are underpinned by the essential infrastructure to support the digital transformation of Australia:


Innovation Economy
Innovative technology as an enabler to create and capture economic growth and to support the transition of Australia to a digitised productive country.

Human Capital
To build a highly-skilled productive and competitive 21st century workforce to capture the opportunities of the next wave of transformation.

Healthy Communities
To harness the power of technology to enable everyone to participate and benefit from the innovation economy and ensure citizens are healthy and educated.

Country Impact Plan Case Study Sessions

Please Note: To attend any of the following sessions it is recommended that you schedule it in the Session Scheduler to avoid disappointment:

  • Protecting High Value Assets: How Cisco Secured the 2018 Commonwealth Games Network
  • Innovating for the Future: Cisco’s Innovation Centre
  • Investing in Human Capital: Meeting Cisco’s AUSTEM 2020 Commitment
  • Helping to Build Healthy Communities: Cisco’s CSR Plan and Partners
  • The Critical Role of Technology Innovation in Healthcare and Education



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