Australia is in the midst of a major economic, social and political transition driven by global competition and rapidly expanding digital platforms and technological innovation.


Australian leaders have recognised the importance of this technology-led transition to our country’s future. Reserve Bank Governor of Australia, Philip Lowe, said that technological change could transform the economy and form the basis for a new wave of global investment and higher living standards.


Cisco is at the heart of this transition as we work with our customers and partners to help them to securely grow, reduce costs and deliver better, faster and personalised customer experiences to highly connected and mobile consumers and citizens.


But with rapid transition comes disruption to traditional business and organisational models. Industries and jobs will disappear and new industries and jobs will be created as people embrace a new wave of products and services. Businesses have an important role to play if they are to be sustainable and competitive in a digitised economy.


Business Council of Australia CEO, Jennifer Westacott, said that successful businesses will need to fundamentally redefine their purpose beyond delivering profits to shareholders. That they will also need to own the sustainability, environmental and social agendas; that they must take ownership of the transition in the workforce rather than leave it to government.


Cisco has developed a National Engagement Strategy (NES) to help play our part in supporting Australia’s digital transition, and to have a voice in the public policy challenges we face relating to innovation, skills, education and building resilient communities.


Cisco’s staff are working to make a difference for our customers, for the economy and the communities we work in. We have identified six national priorities that we believe are important to the future prosperity of Australia and are investing in them to accelerate the benefits that the rapid and secure digitisation using our technologies, innovation and global scale will bring.



There are three pillars which frame how Cisco partners to invest in initiatives that are underpinned by the essential infrastructure to support the digital transformation of Australia:


Innovation Economy
Innovative technology as an enabler to create and capture economic growth and to support the transition of Australia to a digitised productive country.

Human Capital
To build a highly-skilled productive and competitive 21st century workforce to capture the opportunities of the next wave of transformation.

Healthy Communities
To harness the power of technology to enable everyone to participate and benefit from the innovation economy and ensure citizens are healthy and educated.

Top Recommended National Engagement Strategy Sessions This Year

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  • Cisco Innovation Centre and CSIRO Partnership
  • The Value of Human Capital – MentorMe
  • Setting the Standard for Healthcare and Education
  • How We Secured the Commonwealth Games




Cisco is investing in projects and programs that will accelerate Australia’s digitisation and help build a modern economy that is skilled, innovative, creative, inclusive and capable of adapting quickly as new opportunities emerge.

Innovation Central / S+CC / Cisco Investments
As a partner in public-private innovation partnerships, Cisco is investing to create new ideas and approaches using technology that will lead to an increase in productivity, growth and sustainable development in Australia.

Digital Literacy and Skills
Cisco’s AUSTEM 2020 program is investing $31m over five years to build a highly-skilled, productive and competitive 21st century workforce to capture the opportunities of the next wave of digital transformation. In addition, Cisco is helping to diversify, strengthen and deepen the digital skills base through education and mentoring programs that support women and girls’ involvement in STEM.

Collaboration and Education Partnerships
Education and research are pivotal to Australia’s success. Cisco is investing significantly in education, research and innovation partnerships with universities, TAFEs and research institutions to build digital campus infrastructure and help accelerate research, development and commercialisation of new technologies.

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
Cisco was the Official Network Hardware Supporter for the XXI Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, providing the network infrastructure to enable high-speed transmission of critical data across highly secure, digital platforms.

Industry Recognition and Associations
Through membership, active participation and leadership in Australia’s influential business, education and technology industry associations, Cisco is strongly advocating to help drive sustainable technology adoption and digital platforms.

Cyber-enabled economy
Businesses and organisations are looking to Cisco to help manage the risks of potential cyber security breaches. As an early adopter of cloud, the Internet of Things, and other new technologies, Australia must ensure that it has the cyber skills and secure infrastructure to realise its potential.

Workplace culture & leadership
At Cisco, we support a collaborative, diverse and inclusive workforce and are investing in safe and innovative workplaces that are supported by policies and management practices that encourage flexibility and participation. We believe in sharing best practice with business, the community and government to support the changes in the Australian workforce that will see us prosper in a competitive global economy.

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