Data Center

Powered by intent. Informed by context. Delivered across your multicloud.

Technology Track

Powered by intent. Informed by context. Enabling your multicloud environment. Cisco Data Center is constantly learning with analytics, adapting with automation, and protecting with policy-driven security across data centers and private and public clouds. And together with Cisco Cloud, gain the cloud intelligence needed to manage any multicloud environment.

Learning Paths

You can pick and choose from sessions in multiple tracks or use the recommended learning paths to focus on the specific Data Center topic that matters most to you.


  • ACI
  • Analytics & Telemetry
  • Automation
  • Big Data Network Infrastructure
  • DC Storage
  • DC Compute
  • DC Networking
  • Infrastructure Management & Automation
  • Private Cloud


We’re expanding from architecture-focused demonstrations to presenting our solutions and products in everyday life scenarios and end-to-end stories. In each of our new Experiences, you can find demos throughout the Cisco Showcase, Innovation Showcase sessions, and Product and Strategy Overview sessions.

Meet the Engineer

Schedule a 1:1 meeting to discuss your unique questions and challenges. We will have Data Center engineers on-site in Barcelona.


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Self-Managing Data Centers
Cisco Workload Optimization Manager is a real-time decision engine that drives continuous health in the IT environment.
Cisco Data Center for Healthcare
Cisco Data Center solutions help healthcare organizations develop, deploy, and run their applications & workloads across the multicloud domain, while it constantly learns, adapts, & protects.
Cisco Data Center Partner Ecosystem
Cisco ACI, NX-OS, and Tetration Analytics have developed a powerful technology ecosystem to help you use, customize, and extend your existing IT investments to meet your care-abouts in different buying centers.

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