DevNet Zone - Cisco Live Cancun 2018

DevNet Zone

Join the fun and get hands-on with APIs available for your favorite Cisco products! Our learning labs, classes, demos, mini-hacks, workshops, panels and more showcase how easily you can become a developer.

What is the DevNet Zone?

We are Cisco’s software developer resource community helping developers and network engineers innovate using Cisco technologies and platforms. Join us at Cisco Live 2018 Cancun and visit us at the DevNet Zone, available to all attendees at the Arena Foyer! Make sure you check out our extensive library of on-demand DevNet workshops at


Learn with us even before we get to the event. Take a learning lab and get hands-on with additional content! Make sure to have questions ready for the experts at the event.



Start basic to advanced coding in our Learning Labs. Reserve a Sandbox and look around before joining us at the DevNet Zone. Keep those questions ready for our experts!



See how partnering with us on projects has led to innovative ideas. Start Now!



Join a community of interest within DevNet and Interact with other community members. Connect with us on site and become a part of our ever-growing community of experts.

Who is it for?

Everyone – no experience required!  You can start from the very basics at the DevNet Zone. From network engineers, software developers, women in tech, beginning coders and more – come see us if you want to learn how APIs can help:

Orchestrate a unified policy across your network

Leverage automation and analytics to make services easier to deploy and maintain

Discover open, programmable interfaces to tap into the intelligence of your network

Create communications-enabled Cloud collaboration or Contact Center solutions

Develop, deploy, and manage microservices applications in the Cloud

Connect, manage, or build Internet of Things applications

Learn about DevNet!


We offer tools, resources, communities of interest and even ways to get started with basics!


Learn More about DevNet


Get hands-on learning in the DevNet Zone! Make your first REST API call, learn how to get started with Network Programmability, IoT, Security, and more.


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The DevNet Zone experience is fun, technical and inspirational. Wherever you are in your developer journey we have something for you. Challenge yourself, and we have many ways that you can experience the DevNet Zone journey.


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Transforme su Negocio con DevNet

Inspírese y conozca cómo Altus Consulting utilizó DevNet para desarrollar software integrado con el hardware de Cisco.